Planters & Pots, Vases & Urns

We have a great variety of metal planters and pots to place outside, great for house entrances, courtyard, patio, along pathways, pools.  Just about anywhere you can find a spot in the garden.  We have many different styles which can be placed in the yard or planters to hang on fences.  Earthhomewares is a specialty retailer of home and garden outdoor decor since 2008 and send Australia wide.

Bird Feet Metal Pot Holders Set 3
Mesh Hanging Planters Balls Set 8
Rusted Metall Hanging Planters Large Set 2
Rusted Metall Hanging Planters Small Set 2
Set 6 Rusted Metal Oval Planter Hanging
Wire Ball Hanging Planter Set 2

Wire Ball Hanging Planter Set 2


Rusted Bicycle Metal Wall Planter
Set 2 Nested Lustre Vintage Metal Pots
Set 2 Black Metal Square Planters on Stand
Set 2 Black Scroll Metal Pot Planters
Set 4 Penny Pot Metal Plant Stands
Set 4 Pot Plant Stands Black Metal
Set 2 Black Heart Metal Pot Stands
EEIEEIO Circles of Life Set 3 Garden Planters
Cocopots Spring Time Garden Planters Set 12
Cocopots Summer Love Garden Planters Set 12
Recycled Metal Yuki Dog Beverage Cooler
Metal Triangle Black Planter Stand
Set 6 Rustic Metal Hanging Planter Balls Large
EEIEEIO Hot Air Balloon Hanging Planter Small
Heron in the Wild Metal Sculpture Planter
Heron in the Wind Metal Sculpture Planter
Reclaimed Iron Parat Polish Bowl Planter
Recycled Metal Yuki Dog Plant Pot Holder
Antique 3 Pot Stand Flower Planter
Farmers Market Galvanised Fork Wall Planter
Set 2 Nested Luxe Beehive Pot Planters
Wooden Tricycle Pot Planter

Wooden Tricycle Pot Planter


Metal Rust Ring Garden Planter Medium