How to make a plant sphere with our metal ball hangings

Author: Earth Homewares   Date Posted:26 June 2019 

There are so many creative ideas you can make with our metal ball planters. Fill with plants, candles, make into a bird feeder. But for this project we show you how to turn into a succulent sphere hanging.


We have chosen succulents because we are a little obsessed with them at the moment!

What you need...

Two of our metal hanging spheres

Coconut fibre

Hessian, horsehair underlay, or shadecloth

Chicken wire

Fencing clips or wire

Knife or other implement for making planting holes in the coconut fibre

Soaker hose (optional, but advised)

Plants of your choosing


Line both baskets with coconut fibre.

Coil a soaker hose inside the basket that will go on top.

OVERfill the baskets with potting mix, until it makes a shallow dome.

Seal the top of each with hessian, more coconut fibre, underlay or shadecloth.

Keep the cover in place with chicken mesh.

Sew into place or use fencing clips to secure the mesh.

Flip the baskets over and plant into the domes.

After 4-6 weeks, once the plants have become established, wire the two halves together or use more fencing clips.

Hang in semi-shade and keep well-watered, as these spheres dry out easily.

succulent hanging planters metal garden planter hangings


Thankyou to Gardening Australia for this fact sheet.  Pop on over to their website to view more! 

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