My Piece of Africa

Design Process

This range of My Piece of Africa sculptures has been inspired by travel throughout Africa & various other destinations round the world. Wherever the styles allow they are designed with Mother & Baby theme. When positioned together it creates the feel of movement & style rather than a piece being a static sculpture. With all of our larger bird & animal sculptures their legs are easily removable.

How are they made?

All My Piece of Africa styles are designed & drawn in Sydney, Australia. They are then taken on regular trips to workshops in Zimbabwe and Vietnam, where a team of craftsmen till the designs are refined to the finished state. All pieces are made by hand by individual artists. Each craftsman create a unique pose for each sculpture, so that no two articles are the same.

What are the sculptures made from?

They are a combination of new & recycled materials, carefully selected and worked to create each piece.

Butterfly Sphere Hanging Large

Butterfly Sphere Hanging Large


Butterfly Sphere Hanging Small

Butterfly Sphere Hanging Small


My Piece of Africa Butterfly Set of 3 Hearts
My Piece of Africa Bird Shack Hanging
My Piece of Africa Rust Bird Feeder Hanging