EEIEEIO Recycled Oil Drum Garden Art

EEIEEIO Animal Recycled Metal Garden Art Sculptures are unique. This eclectic range of EEIEEIO handmade recycled metal animal garden art is full of fun and character. Derived 100% from 44 Gallon drums it gives a fresh look to recycling. As these are handmade no two will be the same.

Every one of our products is made by hand in a workshop that has transformed the lives of hundreds of people. We value our crafts people’s hands and hearts, they work to create unique pieces of remarkable recycled metal sculpture, décor and furniture.

"I am fun loving, carefree and designed to withstand the elements. I will weather and age in style as all of us should! Enjoy me....."

Purchase your EEIEEIO recycled metal garden sculptures online and have sent to you Australia wide.

EEIEEIO Barnyard Sheep Garden Ornament
EEIEEIO Barnyard Stork Mother Garden Art
EEIEEIO Clarence Garden Ornament Medium
EEIEEIO Iron Cat with Umbrella Outdoor Ornament
EEIEEIO Bet on Me Elephant Outdoor Ornament
EEIEEIO Cary the Caterpillar Planter Sculpture
EEIEEIO Halloween Ghost Sign Outdoor Stake
EEIEEIO I see the Light Rabbit Metal Sculpture
EEIEEIO Recycled Iron Bull With Flower Pot
EEIEEIO Recycled Iron Sheep With Flower Pot
EEIEEIO Wise Owl Money Bank Metal Sculpture
EEIEEIO Dagwood Dog Outdoor Ornament
EEIEEIO Hello Pumpkin Outdoor Sculpture
EEIEEIO Iron Cat with Umbrella Outdoor Ornament
EEIEEIO Iron Frog Flowers Outdoor Ornament
EEIEEIO Iron Frog Umbrella Outdoor Ornament
EEIEEIO Penguin Beak Up Outdoor Ornament
EEIEEIO Barnyard Dog House Kennel
EEIEEIO Canoe Planter Recycled Metal Garden Art
EEIEEIO Feed Me Recycled Metal Bird Feeder