Garden Design Ideas

Author: Earth Homewares   Date Posted:14 April 2019 

Looking for garden art design ideas in Australia?  We love to garden and spend time outdoors and we hope you like some of our images. Living in Australia we spend so much outdoors and when you have a passion for gardening and outdoor living you will love our range of garden art.  We specialise in metal art and have a selection of import and custom made Australian designs.

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Garden Design Ideas

We have been providing metal garden ornaments since 2008 to the commercial trade industry as well as the DIY gardener.  Our product range has grown extensively with both imported and Australian made designs.  With different styles and quality we have something to suit all budgets.  From 1mm - 3mm designs these sculptures are designed with the Australian landscape in mind. 

Metal Flower Ball Sculpture  Skeleton Leaf Metal Garden Ornament  Large Outdoor Metal Sculpture  Rusted Metal Bird Garden Ornaments

Placing metal art in the outdoors and garden is great to theme with your existing landscape. Where you want to hide an ugly structure or place great a feature amongst your plants we have something for all styles.  We have many design ideas for your garden and with a few simple additions you can change the whole look of your home.

2 Ways to improve the look of your garden

1. Colour

Colour be have to be the most easiest way to transform a garden.  Choose plants to match the style of your home and natural landscape.  Do you have blue gutters or a blue roof?  Add plants with blue shades.  Same with your garden sculptures, we can powdercoat your metal sculpture to match the same shade and look of your home. 

2.  Entrances and Pathways

The first impression of your home says alot about your entire home.  By adding contrasting garden pots or planters along pathways or a garden arch can add interesting feature for your guests.  Add metal bird baths or garden stakes to add a bit of height in the garden and also give the birds and animals something to drink.


garden design with plants gardening design ideas colour

Corten Steel Pear Garden Sculpture   

How wonderful does the Zen fire ball look here with a custom made corten steel pergola.  Sensational!! 


Our Autumn Cube Sculpture looking amazing in front yard of this garden.  We have many different sizes of plinths to suit your needs.

metal sculpture in the garden