Birds, Chickens, Ducks, Owls & Roosters

We love to decorate the garden with metal bird ornaments and sculptures. View our large collection of small to large bird garden art sculptures including chickens, ducks, owls, roosters emus, cockatoo, cranes, peacocks, kookaburras, parrots, eagles plus we have many more.  Whilst these are made to be placed outdoors in the garden they are also very popular to place indoors.   Australian made bird garden art and sculptures and we also have imported in recycled metal too. We deliver Australia wide with immediate delivery.  

Set 6 Large Feeding Chickens Rusted Garden Art
Set 6 Small Feeding Chickens Rusted Garden Art
Set 2 Large Metal Bird Garden Statues
Set 2 Large Outdoor Crane Garden Decoration
Set 2 Yellow Ducks Large Metal Garden Decor
Set 4 Cockatoo on Branch Metal Garden Art Decor
Set of 2 Australian Cassowary Metal Garden Art
EEIEEIO Hippie Hen Recycled Outdoor Garden Art
Crowing Rooster Recycled Metal Sculpture
EEIEEIO Barb the Mother Bird Metal Animal Art
EEIEEIO Baz the Father Bird Metal Animal Art
EEIEEIO Billy the Baby Bird Metal Animal Art
Rusted Metal Flamingo Garden Statues
Set 4 Yellow Ducks Metal Garden Decoration
Heron in the Wild Metal Sculpture Planter
Heron in the Wind Metal Sculpture Planter