Garden Art

Buy Metal Garden Art Australia.  We have 300+ Australian made and imported designs of garden art specialising in metal and recycled, cast iron garden art.  Our large collection of metal garden art and wrought iron garden art is are the biggest in Australia.  If you are looking for Australian designs we have many which have been inspired by our natural landscape.  Place amongst your plants and along garden pathways for an instant attraction.  Earth de Fleur Homewares are leading suppliers to the garden decor and landscape industry and the DIY home decorator. We pride ourselves on our high quality metal garden art products and service. So if you are looking to decorate your outdoors and gardens with metal art you have found the right place.  We send Australia wide with immediate despatch.

Antique White Metal Swan Couple Garden Decor
Metal Flapping Ducks Garden Decor Set 2
White Rust Metal Swan Couple Garden Art
XL Rust Metal Butterfly Garden Art
Metal Butterfly Camilla Outdoor Wall Art
Metal Butterfly Skylar Outdoor Wall Art
Metal Fish Reeds Outdoor Wall Art

Metal Fish Reeds Outdoor Wall Art


Australian Pelican Metal Garden Art Set 2
Set 4 Large White Cockatoo Metal Garden Art
Set of 5 Black Ants With Leaf Metal Garden Art
Black Metal Gecko Wall Hanging Set 4
Set 3 Bright Owl Metal Garden Art

Set 3 Bright Owl Metal Garden Art


Set 3 Colourful Owl Metal Garden Ornaments
Set 4 Flying Blue Parrots Metal Garden Art
Set 4 Pheasant Metal Garden Ornaments
Cockatoo on Post Metal Garden Stake
Rusted Cast Iron Hen Garden Art

Rusted Cast Iron Hen Garden Art


Elephant Metal Garden Art Ornament
Rusted Fairy Metal Garden Stake Set 4
Rusted Cast Iron Fairy Leg Up Garden Art
Set 4 Fat Chook Metal Garden Ornaments Red