New Mirrors in stock

Author: Earth de Fleur Homewares   Date Posted:20 October 2021 

Our New Mirror Binjai Natural will make a wall statement near the front door to give the immediate feeling of uplifting light as soon as one enters. Plus, it is handy so one can do a last-minute check on makeup and hair before going out.

Featuring a Bohemian styled frame often best used in a rustic or traditional inspired setting but can be utilized to add a bit of countryside to a modern interior.

Mirror Binjai Natural is a versatile item that improves light to enhance the colour and beauty of the elements within a space. The best part? Mirrors add life to a decor scheme by creating textural and spatial illusions. Round mirrors stand out above vintage dressers layered with flowers to create dynamics and interest. Clients who love to bask in the beautiful glow candles emits can repurpose this accent piece as a tray to stand the candles on the mirror. This will create a charming ambience by duplicated the number of candles and the glow they reflect.

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