Care of Product Information

Care of Metal Items

Some items are constructed with metal (mild steel). Earth de Fleur Homewares does not give warranty against rusting or natural corrosion on any metal item. Rusting of metal is a normal process and the time taken for natural rust to form on the item will depend on the position, proximity to water & sun, & how the item is treated. We recommend protecting your item with a UV protective clear lacquer to minimise rusting and colour fading. We coat our products twice yearly with White Knights Squirts Clear Gloss Lacquer. See your local Hardware or Paint store for more detailed info.

Natural Variances & Slight Imperfections

Many of our products are handmade using natural organic materials, which means every piece has it's own unique characteristics. These natural subtleties are to be expected, embraced and are not to be considered flaws in the design.



- Each product has its own unique character and natural finish. The colour variations are part of the intentional design and being an organic process, it cannot be controlled. 

- Exposure to the elements and environment will cause changes and a continuation of the rusting process, to slow this down, we recommend a small degree of maintenance.
This involves a spray-on coat of Penetrol when needed which can be purchased from any hardware store.
- Please note that harsh weather conditions may cause running. We disclaim all responsibility of damages that may have been as a result of rust development.
- The effects of ultra violet light, pollution, dirt, grime and salt deposits can all accumulate on your powder coated surface over time. This will break down the finish and produce rust. To slow this down, a maintenance and cleaning program should be carried out.
- We disclaim all responsibility of damages that may have been as a result of rust development 
Every effort is made to ensure that the colour is consistent between each piece. However it is expected to have slight colour variances from piece to piece due to handmade items. We ensure high quality and try to meet high expectations. Computer monitors have different colour gradients and might look different to the actual product and will differ from monitor to monitor.